Time Piles is a video manipulation app that mixes up your video as you shoot. Create video montages as moments caught with your camera start to get mixed up. Have fun building up videos as you go, pointing your camera at your favorite subjects and seeing what happens when they mix! Record a video of your session as you’re making it to share later.

Time Piles has a simple interface. Touch the video to choose a color to remove. Drag to grow the range of pixels removed, and reveal more of the mix. Record videos of your mix. Use preview mode to pause mixing and setup another shot.

Recently audio recording was added to Time Piles, now when capturing your video the audio is filtered and echoed just like the video!

New update adds video playback and the ability to remix videos from your photo album.

You can see more examples of videos made with Time Piles on our YouTube page.

You can see images captured from videos made with Time Piles on my Tumblr page.


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