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Sonograph is an audio driven video effects application. The app takes your camera and manipulates the image based on the sound picked up by the phone’s microphone. Speak, sing, yell, play an instrument, make a ruckus, any sort of sound and start seeing how you paint light with noise. See sounds pulse and watch the waves push the colors from your camera. A variety effects let you try different ways of composing images with sound and experiment with different moods. You can record videos or capture images to share with friends.

Listening is a transitory experience, when we hear sound, we are perceiving changes in energy over time. Sound is not a thing, but a subtle and momentary disturbance of air, vibrations in a medium enveloping our bodies. The filters in Sonograph are experiments designed to use the ephemeral nature of sound as a means of reorganizing vision, focusing on the way existence and experience are constructed from waves of energy.


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